You will never miss your favorite streams ever again!

Let’s get this out of the way: by using this extension you accept its EULA.

But now don’t just close this page! It is here to help you getting started with the extension. If you don’t want this extension to open any tab itself when the browser starts, be sure to uncheck the “Open a tab with update info after an update” setting.

Get started

First thing to do is adding the channels you’d like to get notified about.

Add the first channel to monitor from one of the supported providers in the channels manager.

You can open the channels manager via wrench button in the panel that pops up when you click on the extension icon in the toolbar above. You can quickly access all monitored channels from that panel, too.

When selecting User instead of Channel, all channels a user follows are added.

How do I go to the settings?

  • Right click on the extension icon in the toolbar above.
  • Select Manage Extension
  • That’s it! You are now on the settings page!

Detailed Help

You can find detailed step-by-step guides for specific actions in the help section of this site.

You can always return to this site by going to the channels manager and clicking on the Help button.

This extension is missing a super cool feature!

I guess I’ve forgot to add it then. Remind me via e-Mail or Twitter.