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Changes in 3.5.0:

  • Parental controls don’t work at the moment
  • Keywords in titles now classify a stream as a rebroadcast, too
  • Rewrote the refreshing system
  • Show an error when the channel list can not be opened because cookies are disabled
  • Import and export of channels, users and settings in options
  • Fix some notifications showing when they shouldn’t have been
  • Style updates
  • Add russian translation
  • Providers:
    • go.twitch.tv is now a known Twitch URL
    • Disable DouyuTV
    • Redirect support for Beam
    • Use official picarto.tv API
  • Channel Manager:
    • Auto add is disabled for the moment
    • Fix being able to add items with an empty username
    • Fix adding YouTube users
    • Fix adding items after removing channels
    • Fix adding UStream channels
  • Popup:
    • Loads a little faster
    • Redirects are now consolidated into a single item
    • Non-live channels can no longer be displayed as live
    • When a channel is focused with the keyboard, Ctrl + C will copy it to the clipboard, like the context menu action
    • Replaced context menu with a panel due to Firefox context menu support issues.
    • Add a “Remove channel” context panel item
    • Add title to channel tooltips
    • Hyphenate stream titles (currently uses your browser display language)

Thank you maekclena for the contributions to this version and all translators!

This release is compatible with Firefox 57 and beyond.

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