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Changes in 3.4.0:

  • Remove Streamup
  • Add Dailymotion support
  • Fix Picarto.tv
  • Fix DouyuTV
  • Beam is now Mixer
  • Hitbox and Azubu merged into Smashcast
    • Your Hitbox channels are transitioned to Smashcast (since that’s how the migration went in the merger)
  • Support Twitch Vodcasts as replays
  • Migrate to new storage that will work with the migration to WebExtensions for Firefox 57
  • Migrate popup to new infrastructure
  • New options page
    • Settings are no longer stored in about:config, instead there’s an advanced section that is collapsed by default
    • Can now reset settings to the default values
  • Add keyboard shortcut to open the popup (Ctrl + Shift + L)
  • Switched to SVG icons for the extension
  • Database errors now show up as a notification, replace the panel & icon and are shown in the options
  • Many subtle changes and fixes I’ve probably forgotten about. It’s been a lot of work to get this close to the WebExtension migration.

By upgrading this to this version, your data has been migrated, so it will persist past Firefox 57. There will be another update for Firefox 57, since this version will not run there.

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