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Changes in 3.2.1:

  • Add user favorites support to hitbox and beam.pro
  • Add support for new livestream
  • Add support for Streamup
  • Update Picarto.TV for the new site and temporarily disable most of the provider’s functions
  • Support Ustream channels that only have a /channel/{username} URL
  • Add optional counter to the button
  • Add “Explore” tab to panel
    • Shows channels featured by providers
    • Search searches with the provider’s search
    • Let’s you immediately add a channel in the context menu
    • Currently supports Twitch, Hitbox, YouTube, Azubu, Beam
  • Livestreamer support
    • Displays a context menu item if the Livestreamer executable has been found
    • Optionally all streams can be opened with Livestreamer
    • Path to Livestreamer, the player and quality are adjustable
  • Add provider name to extra info
  • Delete all the channels a user follows by pressing Shift when deleting it (either with the Del key or the Remove button)
  • Now tries to recover from a corrupted database by deleting it. Informs the user if that went well, of if it failed, so the add-on doesn’t just mysteriously stop working.
  • Fix channels manager sometimes not working after a refresh
  • Initial support for parental controls
    • Uses the parental controls defined by the operating system (windows and android)
    • Hides streams for mature audiences in the explore tab
    • Logs launching livestreamer as a page visit
    • Blocks adding mature channels
  • Adding dialog in channels manager now stays open until the requested items are loaded. Cancel aborts the process.
  • Switched from an icon font to SVGs
  • Refresh button now indicates if the update queue is running (interval not 0) and lets you temporarily pause it
  • Add support for DouyuTV
  • Switched website to http://streamnotifier.ch
  • Fix renamed twitch channels breaking the extension


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