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Changes in v3.10.0:

In general this release contains a bunch of stability fixes and improves how platforms with changable usernames are handled. It is necessary for Twitch to keep working into 2019, it currently seems like previous versions of this extension will stop working with Twitch by the end of January.

  • Migrate Twitch to new API and ID based storage This means some features of Twitch no longer work (due to Twitch not fully exposing this in its new API or similar): Rebroadcasts on Twitch (reruns or premieres) are no longer detected and channels are no longer annotated as mature except for search results.
  • Migrate Picarto.TV to ID based storage
  • Migrate Mixer to ID based storage
  • Improve how the queue reacts to changes while it is paused
  • Make some provider specific host permissions optional and request them when needed. This will prompt for these permissions when upgrading.
  • Limit avatar size in context panel
  • Fix context menu of channel that is in list in explore tab
  • Fix some edge cases with rebroadcasting or redirecting channels
  • Use new clipboard API - things should continue to work normally
  • Try not to send cookies for requests made with this extension
  • Separated identifier and slug for services. The UI will now always show the slug and not the identifier. The slug is usually what is used in URLs or as username, while the identifier is a unique identifier for a channel or user.

The next main release will hopefully rework how you can customize notifications and actions in the whole extension. Exciting changes are coming!

Known issues:

  • Importing lots of single Twitch channels without them being favorites of a user may fail and take multiple attempts due to API rate limits and the code not being smart enough to batch up requests.

Previous changes

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