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Changes in 3.1.1:

  • Fix channels not getting marked as offline if Firefox has been closed for more than ten minutes
  • Don’t try to update the channel statuses when in offline mode
  • Get game name for MLG.tv channels
  • Add beam.pro provider
  • Add picarto.TV provider
  • Show notification if a newly added channel is live
  • Making less requests when possible
  • Fix updating a specific channel from the panel context menu
  • Better handling of Twitch channels with spaces in the display name
  • Make hosting for Twitch channels optional and try to avoid the hosting status whenever possible
  • Make rebroadcasts for MLG.tv optional
  • Fix some oddities with the behaviour when clicking to go to a channel
  • Fix keybindings in channels manager
  • Update translations

Thanks for all the positive and critical feedback on 3.0.1! Sadly the newly introduced Picarto.TV provider is already broken at the point this update is released.

Previous changes

This version still can't do this nice thing!

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