Live Stream Notifier has some advanced settings, only customizeable via about:config.

Open about:config

To open about:confg, open a new tab and enter about:config into the URL-bar. If you never used about:config before you will see a message, asking you to be cautious about what you do. You can break Firefox with about:config tweaks pretty easily.

Available Settings

Live Stream Notifier offers the following hidden settings in the extensions.jid0-z2wAjbeFD5dTCgsj70eQ6UAqQl4@jetpack branch:

  • queue_ratio (Default: 2) Defines the part of the queue fetched minimally at a time. It will always fetch at least one request. The value is reciproke to the actual used ratio.
  • queue_maxRequestBatchSize (Default: 8) The maximal number of requests fetched at once.
  • panel_minWidth (Default: 320) The minimal width in pixels of the panel.
  • panel_maxHeight (Default: 400) The maximal height in pixels of the panel.
  • panel_badge (Default: false) Show a badge with the number of live channels on the button.
  • twitch_clientID Twitch developer application client ID.
  • twitch_showHosting (Default: true) Whether to check Twitch channels if they are hosting another channel.
  • twitch_showPlaylist (Default: false) Whether to show channels playing a playlist of VODs as live.
  • youtube_apiKey YouTube public application API key.
  • mlg_showRebroadcasts (Default: true) Shows streams that are being rebroadcasted as live when enabled.
  • channellist_cacheTime (Default: 600000) How long the channel states will be remembered while Firefox is closed in miliseconds.
  • queueservice_maxRetries (Default: 5) How many times a request is sent again until it is discarded.
  • find_mature (Default: true) Hide mature rated results from the explore tab (only works with some providers).

The sdk subbranch are Add-on SDK specific preferences and should not be changed, except for the sdk.console.logLevel preference.

Any other settings in this branch are either available through the add-on settings in the add-ons manager or no longer have any effect. If preferences with a default value are not listed in your config they aren’t available in your version of the extension yet.